What To Expect From Guitar Classes

Acoustic, electric, 12 string?whatever type of guitar you?re planning to learn, there?s one thing you need to prepare yourself for first and foremost; bring your A-game. You?ve finally taken the plunge and decided to learn how to play guitar, and you?re going to be learning from a master. That?s great. Come prepared, and let the knowledge stick to you like glue. Here?s what you can expect from your guitar classes, assuming that you?ve never played guitar in your life.

Callouses Are Requirements

When you avidly play guitar, your fingertips will be calloused as can be?that?s a good thing. It?s exactly what you want. When you first learn to play guitar, you?re going to feel a lot of pressure and strain on your fingertips. Some world-class guitarists have even stated that when they first learned to play, they were so eager that they practiced until their fingers bled, and only then did the call it quits for the day. Over time, you?ll build these up, but during your classes, you?re going to have a bit of a rough time as your skin adjusts.


The more eager you are to learn, the more likely you are to stick with it. Consequentially, the more eager you are to learn, the more frustrating it?s going to be that your efforts seem like they?re going nowhere. You know that saying, ?practice makes perfect,? and how annoying that can be to hear? Yeah. We?ll save you from hearing it one more time, but it?s true. Getting frustrated is all part of it, but what?s going to set you apart from everyone else is your resolve. Don?t back down.

Hitting The Wall

Some guitarists and mentors believe in this, others don?t, but when you?re still green enough to remember what the frustration era was like, you?re going to be pretty quick to reach a plateau, or ?hit the wall.? This is when you cap off at a certain skill level. You?ve mastered jumping between chords, but you still can?t nail that riff. Some guitarists feel like they?re stuck here for months, but eventually, you pass through it, especially with the help of guitar classes.

It?s Never Too Late to Start Learning

Just because there?s an age advantage for children and teenagers doesn?t mean that they?re exclusively gifted. You can learn guitar at any age. Don?t listen to that ?you can?t teach an old dog new tricks? garbage. You can learn guitar at any age, and after you hit the wall and keep going, you?ll be able to play in your sleep. Music is an art form, a way to express yourself?that?s not defined by one demographic, age or otherwise.

Pronto Guitar is the place for any level to learn and polish their skills. Contact us for more information or sign up for a guitar classes membership today.

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