Vince Lauria ? Best Online Guitar Teacher

Choosing a Virtual Guitar Teacher

Your town may have only one guitar teacher. They may be miles away, teach only the lessons they feel are valuable, have little time for one-on-one help, or not personally mesh well with you. With online guitar lessons, however, you have much more options.

When it comes to online guitar lessons, there are hundreds of virtual guitar teachers to choose from. However, working with the best online guitar teacher can ensure your lessons stick, and your knowledge grows. Finding an online guitar teacher who is knowledgeable, is excellent.

Finding one who is passionate, personable and able to connect with their students is also essential. Whether you are new to the guitar or advanced, a quality virtual guitar teacher should offer a full range of various lessons, courses, and technique-driven instruction.

Working With an Effective Teacher

For your virtual guitar lessons to be useful, having the best online guitar teacher is not the only factor. Having quality video and sound recording is just as important. Part of what makes online guitar lessons so easy to learn from is the ability to stop, pause or replay parts you need to focus on specifically. Because each student learns at their own pace, the high-quality videos offered by Pronto Guitar work to enhance your online guitar lessons from the best virtual guitar teacher around.

Vince Lauria ? Pronto Guitar

Vince Lauria is not only the guitar instructor you learn from at Pronto Guitar, but he is also an accomplished musician, instructor, author, and composer.

As a private guitar instructor, Vince Lauria has helped various artists, such as Sinbad, Jeff Beck, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Kropp Circle, and Chris Iorio (Adelita?s Way). He has also served as an instructor at the Dick Grove School of Music and the Rock and Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today?s film and television industry have also benefited from his work. Vince Lauria has composed and performed many different pieces used in shows and theaters. He has won numerous awards for his work as a composer, including the 2008 Gold Medal for Best Impact of Music in a Documentary and the 2009 Director?s Choice Gold Medal for Excellence during the Park City Film Music Festival.

His well-known ability to instruct and assess musical talent has also helped Vince Lauria to work as a technical adviser to Guitar World Magazine. He has several textbooks available as well, offering written and visual instruction to students who prefer reading.

If you are looking to learn from the best online guitar teacher, the choice is easy. Vince Lauria and Pronto Guitar can help any guitar player, from beginner to advanced, excel.

Contact Pronto Guitar today to learn more about our virtual guitar lessons.

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