There?s raw talent, and then, there?s technical skill. You need to be a combination of both if you want to create memorable tunes, and have fun jamming out with your friends or bandmates. We?re going to go over the following.

Properly tap your foot to play in time
Learn important Power chords
Learn the best strum & picking patterns used in hit songs
Learn when to play a bar chord
Change chords smoothly and quickly
Properly alternate pick
Use an easy technique to memorize string names
Play in time

Apart from these critical elements of learning guitar, there?s additional, smaller precision aspects that you should be focusing on. These little things take time to learn, but ultimately come into play when you need them the most. Additionally, we also teach how to:

Read a chord chart
Play better and longer though use of the capo
Exactly pick on the electric guitar
Exactly pick on the acoustic guitar
Play using a metronome and why you use it
Use pedal tones
Properly understand string skipping and how to apply it
Rake a chord
Combine single notes and bar chords

Your skill set for the guitar has over one-hundred different little tips and tricks, all adding to your play style. While there?s no real rule book on how you have to play, understanding how to implement these into your play style will help you experiment with new sounds, and also develop new song techniques. We?re also going to cover how to:

Count, play and understand a 12 bar blues
Learn the importance of understanding note values
Properly practice and perform with a metronome
Use consistent and correct fingerings at different speeds
Play and use substitution chords

Online Guitar Courses for Technical Learning

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