Why Your Pick Hand Strength Is Important For Playing Guitar

You should definitely be dexterous with your fretting hand, especially if you plan on switching between intricate chords on a whim, but what most people don’t cover is the importance of fingerstyle guitar lessons. You could be hitting a wall with playing guitar just based on your hand strength alone, and that can be worked on. Your pick hand is working overtime, while your fretting hand is only switching between X amount of formations throughout your play.

While these might not sound like the most fun way to carve your path to becoming an amazing guitar player, they’re going to make the process immensely easier. Here are a couple of hand exercises you can start with today to heighten your pick hand.

1. Ten Minute Stretches Before Playing
This one is simple to do, and really gets your pick hand warmed-up for your fingerstyle guitar lessons, or if you’re about to play a few songs that you’ve learned in front of your friends. Simply take your pick hand, and extend every finger as far as they can go. You’ll be able to feel the tendons in your hand stretching, and that’s a good thing.

Hold your hand here for ten seconds, then let them go for ten seconds. Repeat this for up to ten minutes to really get your hands in playing shape in no time. Remember to watch the Electric Guitar video because Vince will show you how to stretch the proper way for maximum progress!

2. Wrist Training
Some songs are going to follow the same strum pattern at relatively the exact same beat, so your hand isn’t going to be doing most of the work here. Instead, your wrist is going to carry most of the weight here. This exercise is simple, and you can do it once or twice a week depending on how comfortable you feel.

Buy a 1 lb or 21b dumbbell depending on your comfort level, and do fifty reps per session. It may seem repetitive, but don’t worry, one arm isn’t going to get immensely jacked while the other stay slimmer. This is just enough weight to strengthen your wrist without being a full, upper body workout.

Strengthen Your Game With a Guitar Lesson
Training your hands are important, but having a guitar mentor to sharpen your skills and refine them is just as important. Get started with your personal guitar teacher Prontoguitar and reap the rewards immediately. You’re good, but Prontoguitar will make you so much better!

If you have any questions about our courses or how we can help you improve, contact us now!

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