Online Learning for Advanced Students

Virtual guitar lessons can help any student to improve their skills. From beginner to advanced, the versatility, accessibility, and one-on-one prospects of quality guitar lessons videos make learning the guitar fun and easy.

Advanced Guitar Video Courses

Guitar lessons videos are a great way to improve your skills because the online forum itself is beneficial to any student looking for lessons.
In a class setting, students may not get the quality instruction a one-on-one lesson can provide. You are pressured to keep up with the class and unable to ask the instructor for more individual help.

In an in-person solo lesson, you have a whole different set of issues. First, you will need to schedule time with the instructor, which may not always be close nor convenient. Additionally, you may not get along with your instructor or agree with their style of learning.

Online classes are convenient, especially when they are well developed, like those at Pronto Guitar. They can be taken anywhere and at any time. They allow you to rewind, pause, or skip through various parts of a lesson so you can set your own learning pace. You also have no drive time and can go from lesson to practice instantly. Additionally, online classes give you access to thousands of different instructors, like Vince Lauria.

What You Will Learn in Our Advanced Class

Our advanced guitar video courses are geared towards making you an all-star player. In our course, Vinca Lauria, an award-winning artist and composer, takes you from a basic player to a rock star. Not only does the Pronto Guitar course include advanced techniques, but our advanced class also helps you to understand how to create a song yourself. From composing your own song to learning more intricate chords, Vince Lauria teaches you everything he knows about playing the guitar like a real professional.

Every lesson on Pronto Guitar is filmed with many close-ups and superior audio quality ensuring you can visualize and hear precisely what Vince Lauria is teaching.

Learning Additional Techniques

For those who feel they are even more advanced than the techniques included in this course, Vince Lauria offers individual lessons as well. After all, helping you to become the best guitar player you can be is the goal, and we fully support it. If you are interested in learning more about the virtual guitar lessons available at Pronto Guitar, contact us today!

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