Learn Fingerstyle Guitar

How to Learn Fingerpicking

Practice makes perfect. It?s a phrase we have all heard at least once during our lifetime. When it comes to fingerpicking, it rings with truth.

Pronto Guitar makes it easy to learn fingerstyle guitar, also known as fingerpicking. Our lessons, which include numerous close-ups, easy to understand directions, warm-up exercises, and high-quality audio, are designed to encourage you. Learning the correct technique is vital to anyone who wants to learn to fingerpick. As with all of our lessons, we start this course with the basics. This includes how to appropriately pull a string, alternating rest strokes, how to read chords and other important elements. With patience, practice, and our easy to understand instructions ? Pronto Guitar can have you fingerpicking before you know it.

Why Fingerpicking is Important

Many beginners find that fingerpicking is easier to learn. Why? Because, from a young age, we have been using each finger independently of each other to do almost everything. This makes learning a complex instrument, like the guitar, easier since you do not have to also learn to properly hold the pick. In addition to this, fingerpicking creates a different sound style than picking. It allows for more freedom, as well as the ability to simultaneously create various melodies and harmonies. This allows you to vary the style of music you want to play too.

(Pronto Guitars offers more than sixty different guitar lessons, not just fingerpicking. Check out our membership page to learn more about how you can become a guitar master today.)

Learning Outcomes from This Course

Vince Laurie, your lesson instructor, understands how frustrating learning to play a guitar can be. As an award-winning composer and guitar instructor, Vince has turned his passion to play into a digital program designed to help ignite your passion too. He has worked with students of all levels, from beginners to professionals, like Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits and Chris Iorio.

Our fingerpicking lessons are designed to help you find your passion during your guitar journey. This 20-day course has been developed for guitar players of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. By the end, you should learn several important fingerpicking basics and have the ability to continue to hone your skills on your own.

If you would like to learn more about how Vince Laurie and Pronto Guitars can help you hone your guitar skills, contact us today.

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