How To Overcome A Burnout From Playing Guitar

It happens to everybody – burnout from play guitar. You?ve been dedicated, you?ve learned a great deal, but your inspiration to play just wasn?t there one day, and now, it feels like it?s on an extended vacation. It?s not permanent, and there are a bunch of ways to get reinspired. Here?s what to do.

Watch Your Icons

Live performances from your favorite bands always include a close-up on the lead guitarist, and they?re exciting to watch. Find the band that really made you say, ?I just have to learn to play guitar,? and watch them play for thirty minutes or so. Feel that energy they?re giving off, and shake off the cobwebs.

Visit a Music Shop

Walking into a guitar shop with thirty-foot high ceilings and walls of magnificent guitars can be enough to inspire you again. Watch other shoppers play and test out certain guitars, talk to the sales reps, and just breathe in the scent of freshly-opened guitar finish from the brand new models on the wall. You?ll also find books on how to play songs just like your favorite bands, which could be a boost if you tried the first method before walking into the store.

Give it Time

Getting inspired and forcing yourself to do something you don?t want to do are two totally different things. If you?re feeling a magnetic push when you walk near the guitar, like you really just want to be somewhere else, doing anything but playing, just give it some time (usually one to two weeks if you?re really not in the mood to play), and revisit it. Your love for it is still there, it?s just gone a bit sour for right now after all your intense training. Even bands that sell out stadiums get sick of their instruments from time to time; don?t force yourself, but do attempt to get that fire back in your eyes.

Online Guitar Lessons Can Help

Learning some new tricks and having a mentor to guide you can be a great motivator to get your head back in the game. Get started with lessons today, and get back in the swing of things.

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