How a Guitar Teacher Helps You

If you?re going to be learning guitar for the first time, I hate to be the bearer of bad news?YouTube videos and once-popular video games aren?t going to show you what you need to know. Some of us can learn wonderfully by observation, but isn?t that greatly enhanced when the master is sitting on the stool across from us? Here are the top three ways that guitar teachers are going to help.

Critiques Aren?t Available Online

The main benefit of learning from a guitar teacher is fine-tuning your craft. If you?re going to aim for solos and intricate chords, you?ll want to get the desired sound. Learning how to play a chord, and actually playing one are two totally different things. They can offer constructive criticism that you can?t get with videos or with learning on your own.

Sounding Board

Your teacher isn?t there for motivational support, that has to come from you. They tell it like it is, so you can know if your sound is matching the desired effect. What we hear, and what others hear, are often two separate things. Your teacher can tell you how something sounded if it hit the right tone, and every little detail in between.

Less Likely to Quit

When we learn anything on our own, and we hit that wall, it?s frustrating beyond belief. When you have someone who?s not only been there but taught countless others before you how to get out of that same predicament, it means something. Use that knowledge and learn from them so your frustration doesn?t get the better of you, and stop you from learning how to do the one thing you?ve always wanted: play guitar like a professional.

Your Guitar Teacher Is a Mentor

Everyone wants to believe that they did everything on their own, but having a mentor to guide you through your trials and errors, well that?s an invaluable tool. If you?ve been waiting to learn guitar because you want to teach yourself, stay that foolish pride and allow a master to convey their expertise to you.

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